Abu Dhabi Desert Safari: An Enjoyable Night

Abu Dhabi is a place to cherish and many across the globe find it as one of the best party metropolitans. This oil-rich Arab state has everything which startles the eyes of tourists. Amongst many marvels, the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the one which cannot be missed once you visit. There are three basic timings for enjoying desert safari. The morning desert safari, evening desert safari and an overnight desert safari. Every timing has its own perks and depends upon the tourist himself as what time best suits their schedule.

In this article, we will be mentioning some of the perks which are still unknown to many travelers. These perks will be about the Overnight Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Night time is best time for enjoying the desert safari to its fullest. You manage to get the best off-road vehicles from the fleet and the companies try their level best to give you apt services in town. Once, we were invited by one of our friend who challenged us that he will cheer us up with such a delightful safari which we have never had experienced before. We flew off to Abu Dhabi and there we were welcomed by a yellow hummer on which the name of the company was embossed.

Soon after getting into the hummer, out of nowhere, we saw our friend sitting at the front seat who warm-heartedly welcomed us to the Arab metropolitan. It was almost evening and right from the airport, we set out towards the company’s gathering place in the desert. It was one hour drive till we reached the spot. We were amazed to see the fleet of off-road vehicles. Each one is more stunning than the previous one. We also spotted some of the latest off-roads and luxury muscle cars. On the way, we stopped at several points for picturesque. The driver was quite polite and he was constantly informing us about the places we were passing through.

Right at the moment of sunset, we were amazed by the skill and timing of the driver, who stopped the car at such a place from where we could see the whole sun setting behind the covets of sky. We took several snapshots and appreciated the services of the driver who was a Pakistani national with grin looks. After some time, we reached a place on the way where we saw a whole world of travelers gathered to be entertained with dinner, shisha, belly dance and fruit trifles. This point in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi was more of a theme park rather than a place to rest.
We boarded-off the vehicle and set out to explore the whole area which spread far and wide and everywhere it was like a crowd all over. We thought it was the end of the safari but we never knew what was coming. In the morning, we were awakened by the sweet and melodious Arabic music and there it was, the most mesmerizing scene we had ever seen before. The sun was rising and we were amazed to see the valor and grandeur of the nature.

In a nutshell, the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi was a tour, whose memories I will keep cherishing for the rest of my life.