Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari has become quite populous due to the fact, that many couples visit Abu Dhabi to spend their honeymoon. This is a point in the life where every couple tries hard to make it memorable and enjoyable. They don’t miss any slightest fun and enjoy every moment being together. Considering the rising needs of the couples who demand for privacy and best services at the same time, several companies have started offering private deals to the couples and families. Here in this article, we will be focusing on guiding the couples as what instructions should they follow to make their honeymoon an exquisite and a memorable experience.

Addressing directly to the couples, we hope you all will like this read as it is totally and specifically for newlyweds. There are a couple of things for you to know before you make the decision for going to Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Top of the list is the selection of timings. It plays a great role in making your whole safari a memorable one, or else it is a nightmare. There are three main timings which are: Evening Desert Safari, Morning Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari. Speaking as of our own personal experience when I along with my wife went to enjoy the safari, the overnight time is the best for couples. The reasons to this are manifold.

The timing of Overnight Desert Safari Abu Dhabi starts from 6-7 pm in the evening and it goes till 8 am the next day. This entire time slot is full of amusement and fun and adventure and thrill. For couples, the best times of the day to share a romantic gesture are the times of dawn and dusk. These are the times when both of you can look towards each other and let your smiles and eyes speak for themselves with you not uttering a single word.

During the night time when you are told to take some rest, you can have your private cabin or tent which will be provided to you after payment of the rent to the company. These moments are the ones that you are going to remember for the whole life as if it happened the day before. A cold night, with gushy breeze blowing nice and slow, the entire environment filled with the aroma of fresh rose water scent, the humming sound of violins blended with a sweet voice of a blonde DJ, and most important of all, the feeling of you two being together, the glittery eyes of the spouse to whom you have submitted all of yourself, adds much charisma to the whole plot.

On a shorter note, the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is one of the most amazing honeymoon site and it gets even more appealing when you are visiting with your spouse alongside. Every fun you share gets multiplies by ten and every moment spent together is a moment well spent. There is a touch of tranquility in the entire scenery for once you think that you have entered in euphoria. A place where nothing bad is going to happen. The second most important point is that you should go for a private vehicle and if you want proper privacy, you don’t need to ask for a driver if you can driver for yourself.

In order to keep yourself hydrated, do pick up some water bottles and stay close to the fleet because if you are lost, you will have to face the distress of extra charges and you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest.