Features of the best RC Rock Crawler

Have you heard about the RC rock crawler becoming very popular amongst the young men recently? Of course, every adventurous and fun loving guy wants to get his hands on the best RC rock crawler. But what exactly is a rock crawler and how can you get your hands on the best one? It is rather simple – you need to consider the top features that set it apart from the rest. But first, understand what it really is.

What is an RC Rock crawler?

Although you might think that an RC rock crawler is a jeep type of car that is designed to climb rocks but you are wrong! An RC rock crawler is, in fact, a high-speed car that is meant to speed on roads and compete in world competitions. They are preferred by young men who want to race with their mates. Moreover, it is important to remember that these crawlers are not as speedy or fast but rather built to be powerful and sustaining.

Features of RC Rock Crawler

So if you have been dreaming of getting your hands on the best RC rock crawler, you need to also know what you are looking for. There are a few features that definitely make an RC rock crawler stand out amongst all others.

  • Power

As already mentioned a worthy rock crawler is designed to be not high speed but high power. The high power of the rock crawlers allows you to drive the vehicle and control it as per your will.

  • Traction

Traction actually refers to how the vehicle carries itself forward and this solely depends on the wheels of the vehicle. The wheels of rock crawlers require being thin and powerful that carry themselves forward without straining.


  • Clearance

For a vehicle that drives around so rashly, security and safety solely depend on the stability and balance that it is able to maintain whilst moving. Clearance offers it supreme balance and is hands down one of the most important features amongst all others.

  • Suspension

The suspension is a mandatory feature of the rock crawler. These cars are designed to twist and turn at large lengths and angles. This can cause a lot of damage to the rock crawler and cause it to break as well. The suspension protects the crawler from damage and provides it soft support as it twists and turns and takes jerks. It offers stability and long-lasting durability.