How to be a Moroccan and not a Newbie

It may sound really difficult when someone says that you should change the way you are because it may cause you problems. Maybe, you do not pay attention and you continue being the way you are. This is not a bad thing to do, but if you are traveling to another country you should look at some differences between your culture and the new culture.

This situation is common in Morocco, in which we find many people that are different from us. In fact, when we do the Morocco trips tourists are really easy to notice. Sometimes, they do not know that there are some rules that need to be followed and they do not know some traditions that could bother any person. So, if you are planning to do Morocco Tours you should definitely learn some tips that will not make you look like a Newbie.
If we focus on a city of the Morocco Tours we can talk about Casablanca as this city is recognized worldwide and it is really beautiful –destination number one in Morocco Tours-. So, if you are a person who has a professional camera like Nikon or Canon, you are wearing shorts or your arms are not covered and you get annoyed by people easily; you are holding a big poster that says “Hello, I am not from Morocco, I am doing the Morocco Tours and I did not see the rules”. Of course, there are not written rules but there are some facts that you need to know.
If you do not want to be a Newbie, you need to check your wardrobe before traveling to Morocco. You should not wear shorts or skirts, and t-shirts that do not cover your arms. This is mandatory if you want to show respect for the culture. You will find people wearing jackets and coats and this is really common. We know that this is not a cold place but they wear in this way.
Another thing deals with your personality. Here you need to relax and take your time to do something because Moroccan do this. When you are in a place do not expect so be served really fast, you need to wait and be patient. They do not get worried and they will not run to do something; it is just a thing of no stress no problems. Take your time, just enjoy the moment if you are doing a Morocco trip.
Driving is another interesting point to take into account if you are in Casablanca. People are not the best drivers but the tourist are not the best pedestrian also. Casablanca streets tend to be crazy and people are driving the way they want. Do not be surprised if you find tourists crossing the street without looking at the cars or crossing the streets when they should not be doing it.

Another advice for newbies, be careful when you are going out. Do not be alone if you are a woman, this could be dangerous and they will know you are a tourist because it is not common to see this. Also, you should park your car in a garage, you will be calm and not worried about your car.
Be a respectful person, this is the key of success. If you decide for Morocco Tours try to be a good person but at the same time try to understand that things here work different from your country. Here, queues are not respected and you cannot feel bad about it, just accept it, among other things that seem simple but actually they are not.