Robotic hair restoration

Everyone is suffering from moderate hair loss problem not only men but women as well. Hair loss in women can be normal, but excessive hair loss is a matter of concern for women too. Hair loss happens in whole body, but it is more seen on the scalp. It will come into notice while shampooing, combing and even sometimes on gentle touch. Many times we have seen our hair lying on the floor and a pillow.

However, you cannot stop combing or shampooing your hair, but instead of washing daily you should wash it twice or thrice in a week because shampoo contains some kind of chemicals which may lead to hair fall, and sooner or later it will turn into baldness. There are few countries which are popular for hair transplant surgery but there cost may differ. Hair transplant cost in Turkey Can be affordable to all, after taking treatment, it takes time to stop hair fall.At first 2-3 months you notice that hair fall decreases, and gradually it will stop.

These days due to advancement in medical technology number of solutions for hair loss problem are increasing. You may hear about FUT, FUE and laser hair, but there is one more method Robotic hair restoration. This is the latest innovation in the medical field of hair restoration surgery by harvesting graft. With Hair transplant Turkey you can find a number of good surgeons who do FUE, FUT and robotic hair transplant.

What is robotic restoration?
In robotic hair restoration technique, there is no need to remove large areas of scalp to harvest individual hair, this technique can keep you safe from any kind of stitches and cuts, no scar will left after surgery. Another person will not able to find that you had surgery.

This surgery reduced the main recovery factor to a great extent.

Robotic Vs FUE

One of the major problem with FUE is that it takes a few hours and you need to visit doctor again and again to pluck off thousands of tiny hair follicle and it is necessary to pluck off all those tiny hair to give a natural look.

The Second problem with FUE is that we cannot tell exactly where doctors have to place follicles. If guessing is wrong healthy follicle can also get cut and patients will lose healthy follicles forever. Most of the candidates are not fit for the FUE process, and demerits of FUE is it leaves scar at the back of the head that shows if patient’s hair is short and it takes a long time for recovery.
Procedure of robotic restoration

Robotic restoration is the best solution in which digital imaging is using, due to this accuracy for harvesting grafts will increase.It is not like other hair restoration methods, there is no need extract tissue through surgery from the donor site. No scar left after surgery and there is no need to take stitches or stapling. Able to return to normal activity faster after surgery.

Robotic hair transplant is an innovative and challenging entry in the field of hair restoration/hair transplant.Doctors are waiting for this type of technique for a long time and it is beneficial for patients as well.

Cost and comparison of robotic hair restoration

First and foremost question which can come into everyone’s mind is about cost, how much patient needs to spend. We cannot decide the exact cost because it depends upon surgeon and patient’s scalp condition.


The work load on humans is minimized and the error made by them in making tiny holes in the recipient sites is also avoided.

The outcome of the transplant depends on angling of the hair, height, direction etc., these is done with great speed and accuracy by the robot.

The wounds created by these surgery are also minimized.

In robotic doctor need not to guess area for harvesting it helps doctor to choose most relevant area.

It increases accuracy of graft transplant.

Harvested follicles survival time will increase

Restricted usage: This technique is not applicable on all type of patients
Restricted Donor Area: In few cases patient don’t have sufficient hair on donor site like back on the scalp in that case doctor cannot extend the area.

Healing complications: During the transplantation it may possible that nearby follicles get damage
Robotic hair transplant normally takes 5-8 hrs to achieve desired goal. Patient need not to scare from robotic technique its completely safe and no cuts are required for surgery.