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data centers

As the data center carries the core business of enterprises, groups, institutions. It is so importantthat does not allow the business to be interrupted, generally in accordance with the national standard A-level construction to ensure that the data center to work properly, and the core business is not affected in the case of abnormal failure and normal maintenance.

Solution to data center network architecture

Business challenges:

The challenges of the current network architecture of OTT (Over The Top) are generally divided into four parts:

  1. Multi-IDC construction and expansion: with the larger scale of business and the experience requirements of users, the original single data center cannot meet the needs of the business at all, to build multiple data centers across the country able to meet the experience requirementsof customers, but the deployment of multi-point resources also faces lots of challenges.
  2. The growth of the network size: cloud computing, Internet of things and the arrival of large data, that has bring challenges to network capacity, performance and size.
  3. The rapid deployment of the infrastructure: the business of the Internet companies has the flexibility of thedistribution, and agile iterations on the application, small but fast features brought challenges to the deployment of the infrastructure, the business on-line cycle is closely related to market occupation and the company’s profitability.
  4. Flexible migration of business: the private cloud and public cloud platform strategy of the Internet companies make business resources with high flexibility and flexibility.Big data BI promote flexible migration and scheduling of business resources.

data centers

Multi – service backbone bearer network

OTT enterprises directly using the public AS and ISP for peer access viaBGP, the demand for multi-service type can be achieved the virtual isolationof the multi-service plane through the MPLS VPN bearer network VRF, and to meet the different ISP user access experience and needswith a variety of operatorspeerinterconnection.


Data Center Network Architecture Based on Leaf – Spine / Fat Tree

“Leaf-spine architecture” is also called distributed core network which includes two kinds of the core node: the one leaf node is responsible for connecting the server and network equipment; another spine node is used for connecting to the switch to ensure that provide the non-blocking performance with a very low delaybetween any ports within the node, so that to achieve 3 level of CLOS network. Through a certain port convergence ratio/overweight ratio canmeet the tens of thousands of server wire-speed forwarding.

Value of Solution:


Construction solution of the large data center

Server room infrastructure construction of the data center is a multi-disciplinary and multi-field integrated systems engineering, which include electrical engineering, electronics, architectural decoration, aesthetics, HVAC purification, computer, weak control, fire protection etc. All of systems of the server room construction are set based on the functional requirements, and it mainly includes 8 major systems: building decoration system, power supply and distribution system, air conditioning system, lightning protection grounding system, monitoring and management system, cabinet microenvironment system, fire alarm system, integrated cabling system and other eight parts.

Now we’ll talk about these 8 systems one by one:

Building decoration system

Building decoration system is the basis of the entire sever room, and it mainly plays the role in functional area division. The server room can be divided into the host room area and the auxiliary work area according to the needs of users and equipment characteristics. Host room reserves spacefor the placement of racks, servers and other equipment, auxiliary work room, including optical fiber room, power room, control room, air conditioning room, operation room, etc., to provide services spacefor the host room. In addition, the data center room need to install anti-static floor, andmicro air suspended ceiling, etc., to ensure that the room air-tight, dust free, fire protection, anti-static, insulation, etc., to provide good working conditionsfor the staff, as well as provide maintenance and protection functions for sever room equipment.


Power supply and distribution system

Power supply anddistribution system is the power to ensure the server room work properly. The computer room load is divided into the main equipment load and the auxiliary equipment load. The main equipment load refers to the computer and network system, computer external equipment and server room monitoring system, this part of the power supply and distribution system called “equipment for power distribution system”, the power quality requirements are very high, UPS should be used to ensure the stability and reliability of the uninterruptible power supply.Auxiliary equipment load refers to the air conditioning, power, lighting and test equipment, and its power supply and distribution system known as “auxiliary power supply and distribution system”, the power supply directly from the electricity supply. Electrical construction within the server room should choose high-quality cables, slots and sockets. The socket should be divided into UPS and main equipment dedicated waterproof outlet, and marked signs. Lighting should choose the dedicated non-glare high-level lamps.


Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system is the protection of the operating environment. As the data center room stores a large number of high density network and computer equipment, not only produce lots of concentrated heat, but have a high demand for the amount and size of the dust in the environment, which put forward higher requirements for air conditioning system. To ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the server room needs to maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, it is not enough that only have air conditioning when the server room closed, it requires to add fresh air, to form internal circulation. In addition, it must also control the amount of dust, filter the new air, to achieve purification requirements.

Lightning protection grounding system

Lightning protection grounding system is powerful safeguard for the entire server room. Lightning is divided into direct lightning and induction lightning,the protection of direct lightning from the building by the installation of the lightning rod. The lightning protection of the server room (includes power system and weak information system) is mainly induct lightning surge caused by induction lightning or the overvoltage caused by other reasons.Whether the system is good is one of the key questions to measure the quality of the room construction, the server room generally has a communication workplace, safety protection, DC workplace and lightning protection place, the server room grounding using integrated grounding program, integrated grounding resistance should be less than 1 ohm.

Monitoring and management system

Monitoring and management system is the nerve center of the whole server room. Control room requires use optimal operation and maintenance ways with the least personnel to real-time monitoring the physical environment of the equipment in every room. Among them, the access control system, security systems, etc. need toall-round monitor for the entire room. In addition, the overall room centralized monitoring system checks a variety of equipment (power distribution board, generators, UPS, air conditioning units, access control, fire detectors, surveillance images, etc.) and environmental parameters.

Cabinet microenvironment system

Cabinet microenvironment system is the real operating environment for IT equipment.In the construction of the engine room, we should fully consider the optimal power supply, power distribution, temperature monitoring system, cable management for each rack, and integrate the rack, refrigeration, power supply, management and maintenance into a whole solution to provide reliable microenvironment for IT equipment in the cabinet.

Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system is the shield for ensuring the whole server rom work properly.Fire detection system have a sense of temperature, smoke detectors, infrared probes, fire extinguishing systems are mostly adopts the gas to extinguish fire that requires the planning of the construction of cylinders, fire control rooms and some pipelines, so as to achieve a full range of alarm, partition fire, to maximize the ability to prevent fire.

Integrated cabling system

Integrated cabling system is the way to achieve network communications. The integrated cabling system is a set of information transmission channels that per-set for computer, communication facilities and monitoring systemsin inter-building or intra-building. The devices (such as voice, data, images etc.) are connected to each other, and can also be connected to an external communication data network.

The most important parts of the 8 major systems are the air conditioning and cabinet micro-environment systems, power supply and distribution systems, intelligent monitoring and management system. As an optical device manufacturer, cozlink offers the professional accessories and assembles for the data center solution, to adapts the new requirements for energy saving, scalability and construction cycle of the server room infrastructure.

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