Top 5 Alternatives To Google Play Store

Everyone knows that Google Play Store is trapping the entire world in its web. However, sometimes people get bored of this play store, and they want some alternative. Technology will never leave you in a dilemma, so other alternatives to Google Play Store are available. Do you really want to get paid applications for free before paying for it? If yes then this article will guide you in the best possible way by providing the list of top 5 alternatives to Google. This article will take you to the amazing world of technology.


One of the best alternatives to Google Play Store is the APKBucket Store that offers the online APK downloader tool where the user can download the APK files easily. People just need to provide the Google Play URL of any app they want to download, or the package ID and the particular file can be downloaded using this free online store. This is the best option for downloading the APKs of games and apps.

Amazon Appstore

One of the highest ranking alternatives to Google Play store is the Amazon Appstore. You will find a variety of apps and games on this play store. This easy to use play store will let you enjoy several apps free of cost. When you get a new play store, you can enjoy the offer of a free app. The test drive feature will let you try any app before buying it.


Another store in the list of top rated play stores is the Blackmart. This play store is the need of every Android user which wants to enjoy the taste of versatile apps. This user-friendly store sort apps by Paid or Free apps. It will allow you to see the top paid apps as well.


MoboMarket lies in the category of the popular Android app stores. This best alternative to Google Play Store frequently updates with the latest features. People who are fond of downloading unique apps can take advantage of this store as it offers a broad spectrum of applications, music apps, games and what not. It is one of the sophisticated platforms.


GetJar is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store. Every person who has an Android phone can easily get access to this software. This user-friendly play store offers different applications in a well-organized and categorized way. This store is flooded with millions of enticing apps.