Top Whatsapp Secret Features

As We know that, Whatsapp is now a very popular source of communication worldwide. As it is very famous, so, peoples find out many tips and many tips and tricks related to whatsapp. As it is the source of communication peoples also findout the how they can use WhattsApp Without Internet . It is very amazing trick for every whatsapp user.
#1 Find out which one is your best friend
It’s not the years you’ve noted somebody, or if they grasp your gravest secrets that creates an individual your ally.
It’s what quantity you WhatsApp them clearly.

And there’s a hack to work out precisely WHO that’s for you.
Go to settings in WhatsApp, so account. You’ll get a screen like this, wherever you then have to be compelled to faucet Storage Usage:

Then you’ll be ready to see WHO you speak to the most:

#2 Avoid the curse of blue ticks
Blue ticks. They very will ruin lives and relationships.

One forgotten message and suddenly you’re a message-ignoring monster.

Someone has tho’ found out the way to get spherical them. convey the lord.

Basically, the causing of a scan receipt depends on having access to the web via 3G, 4G or wifi. therefore the obvious solution? Switch it all off.

Put your phone in heavier-than-air craft mode, scan the message, withdraw of WhatsApp and properly close the app, flip heavier-than-air craft mode off and voila – the message can still seem uninformed to your unwanted touchwood date.

#3 Stop people from seeing when you were last onlineThis feature undoubtedly takes the prize because the creepiest a part of electronic messaging apps.

The ‘last seen’ or ‘last online’ operate of the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp means that you’re making a gift of pretty personal info regarding your every day life. Like after you visit sleep, as an example.

It doesn’t ought to be that manner tho’ once you’re victimisation WhatsApp.

Simply get into your Privacy settings, faucet Last Seen and {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} customise WHO can see after you were last on-line.

You will create it thus solely bound individuals can see it, or simply cut all the trouble and let no one in.
Not one person.

#4 Send a document
The end of clunky email attachments are almost nigh with this new WhatsApp feature.

The one option to send the files is situated near the other file sharing options. click the arrow icon (depending if you’re on Android or IOS), and then you have to press the ‘Documents’ or ‘Share Documents’ icon.

At the moment you can only send over PDFs. But it could only be the beginning.