Tricky methods for training your doggie to be superhero! Rush to the garden with tools!

Leash training a puppy may be one of the most challenging aspects of puppies training etiquettes. But once if they are trained well to walk on a leash, you can be free enough and be sure that they are safe and secured. Teaching leash manners will help you and puppy to be safe while walking in the outdoors. You must start the puppy leashing session without a leash and must leave him free after the session. For this, you must be aware of “how to train a puppy without a leash?”. After this session puppy will readily adopt the leash and you will experience the walk.

Most of the puppy owners train them to walk on a leash and end up in a great fuss. Even after this training sessions, the bond between puppy and the owner breaks.

A prong collar and lengthy leashes may bring the negative responses from the puppy. To make the leash training succeed, choose the right light weighted collar and light six feet lengthy leash. All the puppies must be trained nicely to walk on a leash.

Positive reinforcing:
Positive reinforcement training pays more than punishments for negative behaviour of puppy. This kind of optimistic training works for the lifespan while the punishments are only temporary solutions to the misbehaviours. Hence optimistic reinforcement training can be the best technique for all the training etiquettes.

This technique also builds a bond between you and puppy. Moreover, puppies may develop a trust in you.

Tempting with clickers:
Clicker is also believed to be the best tempting signal for puppy training sessions. Some puppies may not be the treat or toy lover, then you may use the clicker training signal. When the puppy behaves in an optimistic manner, immediately use a clicker and encourage him.

Leash training tips:
Leash training the puppy is a neasy task and you require patience for this session. First, click for accepting the collars and leashes. Then as the puppy remains calm without scratching the collar and biting the leash, reward him a click. Be somewhere and call him near you, as the puppy comes by dragging the leash, award a click.

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Now hold the another end of the leash and call him near. As the puppy loses the leash slack and comes nearby, click and mark his behaviour. Repeat the sessions two or three times.

Don’t get frustrated:
Be patient and relaxed, if the puppy takes the time to lose the leash. They are young and needs time for adopting them to this tricky world.

Before start:
Even before you start the walking on a leash session make the puppy sit on the floor for a while and then begin the session.This makes your puppy calm down and obeys all your commands. Puppies will be much excited in exploring the outer world, hence the sit command may relax him.
Loose leash walking :
Just hold the leash and walk gently in your garden or backyard of the home at the start. Make him walk on a leash at one side gently. Teach him not to drag or pull in any of the things. If he pulls you forward, then use pause and proceed or surprise turnings techniques. He must learn that pulling you forward will dismantle his ideas of sniffing the desired things.