VAT number issued

At the point when a business issues a VAT receipt for items or administrations, the receipt must contain the right data to keep question from emerging later on.

So what should a VAT receipt incorporate to be right?

The name, address and exchanging status of the business

This may appear glaringly evident however fragmented address points of interest can bring about troubles; it is essential likewise to incorporate data about exchanging status i.e. whether a Limited Company, LLP and so on.

The client’s authentic business name and address

The same is valid for those that are being invoiced; the client’s subtle elements should be right and finish on the receipt.

VAT number uk issued by HMRC

Self-evident, however frequently left off because of oversight or apathy; dependably have VAT data to hand when planning solicitations.


The receipt date should be right as it will be taken as the assessment point date of the exchange.

Installment terms

For clarity and simplicity of client reference, also evasion of future debate, expressing installment terms obviously on the receipt is an unquestionable requirement.

Points of interest of item or administration

Continuously incorporate a reasonable, brief portrayal of the administration or item that the receipt has been issued for.

Vat rate

Stipulate the VAT rate to permit the figures to be affirmed.


Most imperative of all get the figures right; express the net VAT content and also the gross receipt esteem.